Our Principals

Principals partnership  :

  1. Global Fragrance Labs (GFL), Spain. http://gflabs.com/en/
    Product customized, halal certified (manufacturing site, product dan distribution) accepted by MUI
  2. The Garden of Naturalsolution, Korea. http://www.naturalsolution.co.kr/
    Natural cosmetics active ingredient.
  3. Sicare – Silok, China. http://www.silok.com/
    Silicone specialty for cosmetics, agro and home care.
  4. Henry Lamotte Oils, German. https://www.lamotte-oils.de/en/
    A leading supplier & producer of oils, waxes & derivatives
  5. Cosmolife, French https://www.cosmolife-group.com/
    The specialist of  high purity hair dyes & cosmetic colors
  6. HNB, Korea http://www.hnbcosmetic.com/index_eng/
    The research of natural ingredients and it’s scientific application to human for the healing and beauty
  7. Kingtary, China. https://www.kingtary.com/
    A high quality of pearlescent cosmetics
Head Office

PT. Alfakemindo Balimitra Mandiri
Grand Ampera No 8H
Jl. KH Maulana Hasanudin No 30-33
Poris Gaga, Batu Ceper, Tangerang Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 557-86-135
Fax: +62 21 557-86-900

Our Membership
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